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Trophy Truck Gymkhana in Cuba


Bj Baldwin Sends it in Recoil 4


Unfortunately, movies with gratuitous car chase scenes are a thing of the past. Hollywood studios have replaced stuntmen with CGI sequences, and classic Steve Mcqueen cool for the generic Vin Diesel brand.

High caliber chase scenes, like the ones in Bullitt

or Ronin, seldom hit the big screen. But where theaters lack, Youtube flourishes with action packed energy drink ad campaigns.

Companies, like Red bull and Monster, have saved stuntmen from falling into milkman obsolescence and petrolheads from boredom with their seemingly endless supply of kickass content.

The videos they produce range from skydivers launching from hot air balloon swings to Ken Block's elaborate Gymkhana car series.



Like the other several million people, I've watched all installments of Ken Block's Gymkhana. Each one of his videos features killer shots in scenic locations with breakneck driving.

Bj Baldwin definitely follows Ken's winning formula in his Recoil series, but instead of doing it in a rally car

...he does it in a Muh-Fuggin' Trophy truck!

Just like the classic chase scenes of yore, Recoil 4 utilizes it's setting, making with quick cuts from cockpit angles to static scenery. The juxtaposition of the edits only emphasize the overall sense of speed.

And out of all the locations, Cuba may be the coolest one yet. It's ascetic lends so much character to the edit. Plus, there's just something about watching this truck banshee yell past classic cars and Che Guevara graffiti.

It's almost like watching an alien spaceship arrive from a advanced planet called capitalism.


Check out the new recoil video below


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