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Madman Lands First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

The Mad Scientist Driver, Lee O' Donnell, Throws down a world first at Monster Jam.

"Kids' seats are just 5 bucks!"

And that overpriced concession beer you spilt was 10.

But watching a professional redneck do some serious dude shit...

That's Priceless!

If there was ever any doubt about monster truck drivers having massive huevos, this video of Lee O'Donnell, driver of The Mad Scientist, sticking the first ever front flip absolutely proves it.

I mean, how else could you flip a steel behemoth

across 70 feet?

Shotgunning a PBR probably helps, but if your sporting baby grapes, no amount of precious blue ribbons can save you.

Check the dopeness in this HD clip!


At first glance, it seems like it's going to be a typical monster truck jump to wheelie, which is cool, but that's practically the bread and butter of Monster Jam... nothing spectacular.

Then, out of nowhere, the next jump fulcrums his truck, and he watched the redneck world turned up-side down, like they just found out Larry The Cable Guy's real name is Daniel.

But unlike "Daniel," This dude's not a fucking fraud. This dude is a genuine badass. He not not only landed a world first, but he did it full Collin Mcrae, flip while and flooring it style, with no extra set-up.

Close, but no banana...


Max-D driver, Tom Meents, previously attempted the front flip a couple years ago with a special contraption, and even though he got more hang time than Baxter from


R.I.P Baxter

his front wheels never touched down before over-rotating, which disqualified him for the Guinness Book of World Records.

Peep below, If you want to see more angles of the epic world First and the backflip wreck that followed.

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