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Brainy #002

The date is Jan 7th. Today, you will learn something.

Classic Chad Moment:

Feeding Polar Bears 1950

Just some Soviet soldiers rolling through the frozen tundra, feeding some fuggin' polar bears.
Rationing food themselves, these reds found the Slavic swagger spare them something heartier than a mere bottle of cola.

For a malnourished white bear, this momma managed to find sufficient soul for a solid fist bump.
The rest of the KGB rolled up to witness this dope shit.

Spy Mom Breaks Into Prison

In July of 2014, John Strand, an experienced security analyst and owner of Black Hill Information Security, received a contract. The objective, stress test a penitentiary located somewhere in South Dakota. This was nothing new for Strand, as he made a living off of jobs just like this one. Typically, he'd pick an experienced operative from within the company, and they'd help plan and execute the mission together.

But this time was little different...

His mother Rita, who spent decades in the food service industry, recently signed on as the company's Chief Financial Advisor and was feeling restless. She had the urge to get her hands dirty, and break into the prison herself.

I mean, with 30 years of experience in the service industry, presenting yourself as someone you're not and lying to customers' faces daily, how difficult could being a spy be?

So she asked her son for the opportunity, and he caved.

"how could I say no," John thought.

With her lack of hacking knowledge, the team reworked the plan in order to offload and simplify any technical aspects, while allowing her to focus on persuading her way into the prison.

The Black Hill team promptly forged her a fake health inspector ID and produced an arsenal of specialized USBs. These USBs, called Rubber Duckies, could be carried into the prison and planted into their computers to create a network. Together, these USBs would compromise the prisons' entire system. All Rita had to do was plug them in, stay cool, and go unnoticed.

Black Hill set up a makeshift HQ at a little cafe not too far from the Prison. With all the computers and gadgets ready to go, they enjoyed a slice of pie as "Mom. James, Mom," The Midwest Spy, went on her way.

During the her entry into the prison, the signal goes dark, and there's no way to contact her. John was left sweating for an hour, with no way to know if she had been caught, arrested, or worse. With no contact, John was starting to abort the mission and run to retrieve her. Just then, they received a ping that confirmed she had made it out of the prison.

The health inspector guise went off without a hitch. She was allowed right in, no hard line of questioning and she kept her confidence. They suspected nothing. With the pretext of checking for old food, mold, and bacteria, she was able to access, document and exploit the most sensitive parts of the penitentiary, while planting the USBs completely undetected.

Being such a natural, she looked forward to another covert operation, this time, with the unhesitant support of her son. But unfortunately, she would not see another opportunity could present itself, as she passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2016.

AI Time Machine

Old fit ran through A neuronetwork updated this dusty film to 60FPS and 4k resolution.

World's Oldest Businesses

See this big as infographic?... Some autists, Smarter than me and way more committed than me, put this massive report together

Oldest company in North America is La Casa De Moneda De Mexico, or Mexico's Mint. Its founding in 1534 was decreed by the Spanish Crown and fulfilled by Spanish viceroy Antonio De Mendoza.

You might start seeing a pattern here... National Banks and their influence have deep roots, except in Venezuela where they've upended any sensible monetary policy, and you can't even afford food from their oldest business, a restaurant named Hacienda Chuao.

Asia, having a wider variety of businesses, also has the oldest business. Kongo Gumi, a construction company lasted independently for 1,427 years until it became a subsidiary in 2006.

Aptly named Mauritus Post, is Africa's oldest business, founded in 1772. Believe it or not... it delivers mail for the Republic of Mauritius.

A few decades older, follows the no more originally named, Australia post, founded in 1809

Much older, and cooler thank post offices or banks, is Austria's St.Peter Stifts Kulinarium....

It's a brewery. Big name, but its just a brewery.

An ancient one though, founded in year 803.

Check out the full autist prepared report with top 10 oldest businesses in order >HERE<

Netflix, Clinton, and Porn

"I DID NOT order that porno from Netflix"

Before Netflix streamed Cuties and before the broader world knew of Bill Clinton's antics on Epstein's Island, Netflix, Clinton, and Porn was already bizarrely intersecting one another.

The year was 1998, and James Cameron's Titanic was having its massive release, distributed on a cumbersome collection of 3 VHS tapes while the Unabomber, Ted Kazinski, was finally ending his reign of mail bomb terror. Despite Kate Winslet's glorious tits, and a few spicy scenes, many were apprehensive about receiving bulky mail packages. And this was only a fraction of Netflix's PR predicament.

Netflix solved the packaging issue by using DVDs, and making rentals where you could receive and return movies of your choice via mail. But Netflix's user base was sparse and they hadn't found their sales hook yet. Luckily for them, President Bill Clinton using his assistant as a humidor and lying under oath would give them the break they needed.

While everyone was jazzed about watching Clinton's entire 3hr testimony, DVR's hadn't been invented yet, and most were too lazy to set their VCR's to record the event.

Just after its one time airing, it was released as free domain content, and Netflix CEO, Marc Randolph, had a bright idea to capitalize on Bill's sticky situation, burn the free content to DVD and ship it to customers for 2 cents each.

Though it would lose money, this clutch move could get Netflix's foot in the door. 10,000 DVDs were burned and Netflix had found themselves major success.

While satisfied with the sufficient press and growing brand awareness, their next move put the icing on the cake. Media Galleries, the company that converted the Clinton testimony from VHS to DVD made a little slip up. In at least on batch, instead of sending out Clinton's historic testimony, they shipped a lesser known video to customers... "The Lonely Widow," a NC-17 Porno.

One of these steamy copies was actually delivered to someone working in the Clinton Administration. Netflix scrambled for the best solution they had, which was, offer to pay return shipping and send the out correct DVD.

But mysteriously, no one made the effort to return the dirty DVD...

Read full story here

Drunk as a Fish

Here's some old ass whiskey.

While the auction house says the whiskey from the 1941 SS Politician shipwreck is, "no longer safe for consumption," many also say "you have to die from something!"

The ship wreck took place off the west coast of Scotland and was destined for Jamaica and New Orleans. That is, until it caught a sandbank and consequently spilt all of its food, cotton, and whiskey. 226,000 cases, in fact.

Over the following years the wreck was looted and was not allowed to be legally retrieved, as the government had not been paid duties from the crew for the ship's contents.

The events following the crash inspired the 1947 book, "Whiskey Galore!" and two movie adaptions in 1949 and 2016.

These particular Whiskey bottles were recovered by commercial diver George Currie in 1987. While working on a subsea cable repair, he searched for it on his free time.

He recovered 5 bottles in total, and is auctioning all but the one he is keeping for himself.

The bottles were auctioned sold off in September from $6k to $9.2k.


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