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For The Love Of Two Wheels

T-31 seconds ground launch sequencer is go for auto sequence start.

T-16 seconds activate launch pad sound suppression system

T-10 seconds activate main engine hydrogen burnout system




T-6 seconds main engine start






t-0 seconds solid rocket booster ignition and lift off!


If you want a fucking rocket sled with wheels, I present to you, two of the most mechanically bad ass motorcycles made to date. The ZX-14 and Hayabusa are examples of what happens when you make fighter jets hard to own and operate. Next best thing you might ask? How about a 9 second ground missile.

Do you like speeding tickets? better get used to that shit. Fair warning disclaimer... Trying to see if your bike goes as fast as they say it does will more than likely result in bad shit happening. you've been warned.



I thought this was a pretty cool video done on two of my favorite bikes. I've always been a fan of the Ninja since I was a kid. I think a lot of that was just because every kid liked them.

When the Hayabusa came out, it was just a show stopper for me. This thing was huge and looked unlike anything else. The 1999 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa could be gassed up and do 194 MPH from the showroom floor. I've been in love with Suzuki bikes ever since.

The Kawasaki ZX-14R first hit the Toyko Motor Show in 2005 and started production year 2006. The bike was digitally limited to 186 MPH, Which obviously is still really fuckin fast. Don't get me wrong here. I really like this bike and its a spectacular piece of machinery, but to me its not aesthetically pleasing. I know bullshit right?


"where the fuck was all this happy horse shit when i needed it!?


So of course the Ninja wins...go fuck yourself Kawasaki. Bring the hate... Let it flow through you. I'll hate as much as I fucking want. As much as I like the ZX-14, I like the Hayabusa a lot more.

As I'm watching and reminiscing of eating pavement on my Bandit 1200... This guy starts talking about traction control and all that technological greatness. I know this is nothing new, but where the fuck was all this happy horse shit when I needed it!? Obviously not invented yet... I guess the guy who made it was also tired of hitting the pavement... Shocker.

Before I get ahead of myself here, Props need to be given where they are due. Both of these bikes are extremely bad ass and are very much so only as capable as the crazy fuck driving it.



I'm not sure if people understand what 200 MPH is much less going that fast on a bike. I've never been one to try and go all out on speed. I've done a hair shy of 160 on two wheels and that was plenty good for me. I can only imagine that 200 on two wheels is like going Space Balls plaid.

This shit here though... How the fuck stuff like this is street legal still just blows my mind. Major kudos though for making epic shit like this possible for moto junkies.


"If you haven't ridden a motorcycle before, i really suggest you do".


I'm only going to throw just a teeny bit more shade at Kawasaki. You've finally beaten the Hayabusa. Could y'all please at least make your bike look as dope as it's supposed to be? I know that's petty shit, but seriously! The Busa is unique and has curves like a Brazilian model. The ninja looks like a fucking Monster energy drink can. I mean for fucks sake can we not look like a lime green mall ninja!? fucking killing me.

So all joking aside these bikes and ones like them are really spectacular pieces of modern engineering. To think about factory 200 MPH bikes 30 years ago was kind of unheard of. Not only do bikes these days seem to push the limit of speed but also in adapting other technologies to provide a safer ride.

If you haven't ridden a motorcycle before, I really suggest you do at least once in your life. The feeling of rocketing down the road with no cage is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Give it a whirl, be safe, and ride on! I'll join ya'll when I get my shit fixed.


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