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Cringiest Doctor Alive

There's a pandemic?!

You know that, and still don't wear a mask?!

Your selfishness makes you liable for murder!

Think about grandma!

Yes, while the virus has benevolently made exceptions for BLM rallies, because it understands systemic racism is a greater threat than "the most lethal virus ever..." it will not spare your 11th Thanksgiving guest.

Nor will it forgive the celebration of any religious ceremony, such as Christian mass or Jewish funerals.

Obviously you value life over fear.

And that's ignorant.

Only an ill informed person would choose life over fear.

It must be because of social media spreading #fakenews.

Listen to the experts, like this good gentile Dr. Mike Varshavski.

He's a UN Information Ambassador! That means he's important.

Dr.Mike is lauded by Men's Health Magazine as someone who

He even spoke to Saint Fauci!

So look at "The Hottest Doctor Alive" and tell me if that pretty face would ever lie to you.

And to anyone who feels like their freedoms, especially religious freedoms, are being affected, just follow in Dr.Mike's footsteps.

He was born to a Jewish family and they fled Soviet Union to escape anti-semitism.

But he didn't take that personally because he's no schmuck...

He's a survivor.

See, very trust worthy...

No, Dr.Mike didn't forget that he was jewish.

He didn't even ignore the freedoms being stripped from Jews, as his family had once experienced...

He just remembered how communism works and what god it serves.

Here you can see Castro's niece contracting "The Coof"

He knows the masks aren't for him.

He knows the rules aren't for him either.

And if they ever did apply...

They certainly weren't going to on his "mother effi'n Bday, bro!"

Remember, its people like you who kill grandma.

Not people like "The Hottest Doctor In The World"

While you're debating the COVID risks of missionary v.s. Doggy-style.

He's infecting a bunch of Cuban exports in Miami.

Never mind the fact, that you might not be allowed to worship or go to your father's funeral.

That day harem dropped more ocean plastic than india

Remember Dr.Mike next time someone reminds you how scared you should be, how selfish you are for not submitting.

Remember Dr.Mike when someone tells you you're not being "a good Christian," "a good Jew," "a good (Fill-in-The-Blank)"

Remember, the rules are different for him, because the God you serve is not his.

The the god he serves, is not a god at all.

It's a lie.

Don't Submit.


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