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Mcafee [Mad Man: Mad World]

John Mcafee is a lot of things.

Former Billionaire, Yoga master, Crypto Guru, Cyber Security Expert.... and a drunk.

Like seriously drunk....all the fucking time.

Mcafee founded his cyber security empire while he was drinking 2 quarts of whiskey and smoking 3 packs a day. (sauce)

Recently, he was drinking half a bottle of tequila from 9 a.m. to noon, then slamming Irish whiskey and scotch after that.

Like the smell of booze and pot smoke that follow him, so does the mystery in his wake.

A Wild History

Did he murder his neighbor in Belize? Not Sure.

Did he have a harem and marry a prostitute from Miami? Yes.

Did he escape capture in Guatemala by faking a heart attack? Also yes.

Did he turn down a presidential debate to compete in a whale fucking competition in Hawaii? Maybe...

But most importantly, did he pay his taxes?...

Did he do the one thing, that every outlaw since Capone, should know to do?

And that's why he's in jail...

Even being in the Mount Rushmore of trolls, between Andy Kaufman and Hunter S. Thompson couldn't save him from the IRS.

The saga leading up to his arrest consisted of living on a boat, evading authorities, hopping country to country, and Social media rants about the Corona Virus.

A World in Disarray

While the rest of the world felt as though they were falling into madness, John McAfee was finding his happy place.

is this not everyone's happy place?

At the time, when most were too scared to independently think about Corona Virus, Mcafee was maintaining his lucid high on Facebook.

Of course, he first celebrated the occasion by showing off his gun collection, as he is one of the few people actually prepared for an apocalypse...

Mcafee embracing the inner ronin
Obligatory Apocalyptic weapon flexing

Corona Queries

Then, he started to question COVID'S apocalyptic origin.

Was Corona a threat of biological or bureaucratic beginnings?

Or possibly both?

He speculated on the possibility that China was trying to throw the western world into an economic collapse.

He also entertained that the powerful elite were using the virus as a means of control.

But what was certain to him, was that it didn't make any fucking sense.

Lockdown Breakout

The drunk tech wizard soon tired of gracing us with real-time common sense analysis and became restless.

What more could you expect?

Why would a man like Mcafee want to stay inside?

The world was ending and he wanted to see it.

He wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Mcafee also shared multiple videos of a desolate Barcelona in lockdown.

Here, he and his "Russian bodyguard" show us the abandoned parking garage under one of Barcelona's largest shopping malls.

The lights are on as if we are all here conducting fucking business... (evil villain laugh)

Soon after a very suspicious encounter transpired.

He was allegedly picked up by men, presumably following him, and put into a car.

But, he expertly maneuvered out of capture by feigning a sort of senile fugue state.

Then, he immediately went from being a genius playing a crazy old man, to just being a crazy old man wearing panties on his face as a disguise...

That did not work well for him...

His next post read,"Hello from prison my friends...,"

then started his prison updates...

As of now, Mcafee is still in jail and giving his usual brand of philosophical shit posting.

But, he maintains that he will soon be free, and not extradited as "not filing taxes is a misdemeanor" and he is "being held for fraud."

So he, in his logic, seems confident that he will be released sooner than later.

Either way, you can continue to follow his hot takes from Spanish prison here.

Outsiders' Clarity

What I find fascinating, what I think most have trouble reconciling, is how people like Mcafee have the ability to perceive and speak truth.

This ability, presents itself most notably in times of duress.

Whether the truth be inconvenient, or the social atmosphere be uninviting, It's people like Mcafee, who have nothing to lose, that can say what others are too afraid to entertain.

Mcafee is an expert troll.

He is continually in a state of inebriation, acts as if he holds nothing sacred, and yet, when the world is falling apart and rational people can't think critically, he simply exhales pot smoke and lays everything out.

In a sane world, being contrarian is being absurdist. In a mad world, being contrarian is being sane.

Why does it take an old drunk, exiled from his the world to point out obvious motives and statistical irregularities of COVID?

And why is he one of the few people, who can point out the simple fact, that if you subsidize something you incentivize it.

If you pay hospitals for COVID patients and you pay hospitals for COVID deaths, you will with absolute certitude receive more and more of them.

Though we have created a culture that champions outsider personalities, outsider trends, no one is championing real outsiders, with real outsider perspectives.

It seems clear, that in times like these, it takes a pariah to deliver salient truth. Maybe its because they're built different, or possibly an extraordinary life has wired them in a peculiar way.

But what seems sure, is that they can see what most can't, when it matters the most.

When you don't seek public acceptance, or don't fein your disregard of public acceptance, you are truly on your own path.

The world doesn't need more Bob Dylans in the form of crusty gutter-punk buskers. The world needs more Bob Dylans being Bob Dylan.

The world needs more wonder, more freedom, and more bastions who embody that.

With that, Cheers to Mcafee for being a W&G Outsider.

I wish many him more adventures on this side of the cage.

I'll leave you with The legend musing the existence of sentient tequila and pot smoke compounds in his bong...


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