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Fully Automated Home Brewery

World's first fully automatic brew appliance (The Zymatic from PicoBrew)

As I get older having fun like I did as kid gets harder. I mean, you just can't risk a broken a leg when you have work in the morning. And all the real fun stuff will get you tried as an adult, anyway.

So nowadays, instead of saying things like, "Hey, watch me jump this shit!" I say, "That's how they make toothpicks?! No shit..." as I sip beer watching "How it's made."

No seriously, there was an episode last week about these high-end omnidirectional speakers, and I was so interested I actually went catatonic (2 chains digs those speakers too). I reached complete Dad-dome. It's basically Nirvana, but in more socks and sandals. And instead of sitting in a flying lotus, you sit in Lazy-Boy.

I know what you're thinking, "That sounds amazing! It just can't get better than that." But it can! What if I told you instead of drinking beer and watching "how it's made" you could be in your own episode of "How It's Made" and making beer? dope right?!

The Pico has a sous-vide attachment that steams meats to absolute tenderness

This company Picobrew, makes that possible. They have 3 automatic beer brewing appliances for DIY beer enthusiasts, two of which have already been released and another is on it's way through kickstarter


Picobrew's models range from the Professional Zymatic ($1999), which yields 2.5 gallon batches and allows pre-packaged or custom ingredients, to the more hobbyist Pico ($799), which produces 5L batches with preset brews or slightly more customizable pre-packaged ingredient combinations.

Picobrew has also created a service that allows owners to brew signature beers from select breweries. So, not only can you make the freshest possible glass of that obscure foreign beer you like, but now you don't have to go to a hipster bar to get it. Which means you can shamelessly enjoy it at home without feeling like a barista with a philosophy degree.

Check the video for The Zymatic below

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