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5 Times Alex Jones Was Right


It has been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and that a broken clock is right two times a day, but in the case of Alex Jones, it's pretty fucking hard to tell which one rings true.

On one hand he's a raving maniac, on the other he rattles off memorized dates and amendment numbers like a paranoid Rainman. But then again, it's only paranoia if you're wrong.

So, let's look at the times he was right.




Alex Jones has frequently brought up the subject of chimeras and creepy animal experiments. Most recently, at a press conference where he addressed the media's unfavorable coverage of his child custody hearing.

In true Alex Jones fashion, he veered off topic to mention human-animal chimera's, glowing monkey's spliced with jellyfish genes, and confirmed a supporter's claim about the existence of "spider-goats."

Headline from

Then he correctly predicted the media making fun of him for it

... I mean he does make easy for them.


Glowing jellyfish monkeys


Image from Reuters

Scientists implanted marmoset monkeys embryos with a virus that carries florescent protein gene to makes them glow green.

If thats not weird enough, one monkey successfully passed down the gene to their offspring.

The experiment aims to study incurable diseases, like ALS or Parkinsons, but so far the experiment has just produced really cute glowsticks.


Human-Pig Chimera Embryos


The salk institute injected Pig embryos with human cells to research many different aspects.

Strangest of which, is to create a method to grow human organs.

The theory is that pig embryos with human stem cells could be placed inside a sow, a female pig, and after 28 days of gestation the fetus will have developed a harvestable human organ.

Hopefully it can produce brains, which world is in dire need of.




Spider-goats are just like peter parker, except they shoot silk out their tits!

Well not exactly, but these genetically modified mofos do lactate a milk that is rich with silk proteins.

So that after the milk is refined, it can yield much more silk than those bitch ass spiders can.


CIA behind the Modern Art


Jones has stated on multiple occasions that the CIA promoted modern art in a nefarious plot to debase cultural values and views on conventional beauty.

Though his theory of it being some depraved social experiment may be a stretch, the CIA was actually responsible for artists like Jackson Pollock gaining traction.

But why? Why promote shitty lines and paint drops?

To enter a propaganda war with the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union's propaganda was as stiff stylistically as it's socialist society, and that was by design. It was part of that was part of their rigid ethos.

Our propaganda, which abstract art apparently was, was a display of our freedom.

It was us saying, "Our art looks like Chef Boyardee exploded in the microwave. We're free as fuck, dude!"

And by making the postmodern nonsense more popular it only accentuated the contrast between U.S.'s and Russia's



Rockefeller Foundation patented Zika Virus


During the emergence of Zika, Alex Jones constantly speculated about virus' origins and claimed it was released and possibly engineered with malicious intent.

Later, he even claimed it was patented by The Rockefeller


Zika is a devastating virus and like most pandemics, it seemingly came out of nowhere, rapidly spreading across Latin America.

The leap to call conspiracy is almost reasonable in respect to the virus's devastating effects.

I mean, on the surface Zika does seem like some fucking super weapon. It's carried by mosquitos, it's sexually transmittable and causes horrible birth defects.

Now, there isn't any evidence of the Illuminati unleashing swarms of Zika mosquitos...

But Alex Jones was correct about the Rockefeller Foundation patenting the virus.

In 1947, the foundation patented the virus after one of their caged sentinel monkeys contracted it in the Ugandan jungle.

Then they spent the following years honing the serum and artificially introducing it to mice and another species of mosquito.

Oh, and if you are part of the Illuminati, Zika strains are available for purchase the virus online for any of your devious world domination plans.


Saudi Arabia Funded 9/11


9/11 conspiracy theory is Jones' bread and butter.

Back in July of 2001, Jones claimed a false-flag terrorist attack was imminent, and since then his brand has become the go-to source for all things conspiracy and 9/11 related.

At this point, I think everyone has gone down youtube vortexes into the conspiracy and seen a fair share of Facebook debates about whether or not jet fuel can melt steel beams.

But one central element of his conspiracy, which doesn't get as much attention, is the 28 pages redacted from the official commission report released in 2002.

Jones claimed the 28 pages would implicate Saudi Arabia, and was buried because of President Bush's Saudi business ties.

Later, a few politicians who had seen these 28 page, pushed for their release as they claimed the pages revealed Saudi government's funding al-qaeda and the royal family's connections to the 9/11 hi-jackers.

A bill releasing the pages and granting the right for victims' families to sue the Saudi government was passed, despite Obama's veto and Saudi Arabia's threats of selling $750 billion in U.S. assets.

The released document says, "While in the United States, some of the September 11 hijackers were in contact with, and received support or assistance from, individuals who may be connected to the Saudi Government,"

Now, victims' families are suing the Saudi government for allegedly funding terrorism through the rerouting of charity funds.


Google hates alex jones


When complaining about the world being against him, Jones frequently raves about internet platforms having a hard-on for "the freedom movement."

Whether they are shadow banning conservatives or suppressing news, he is quick to rant about the bias.

Even though he yells like he's perpetually stubbing his toe on a coffee table, his accusations are strangely on point with these trends.

But are they out to get him specifically?...

Apparently they are.

Recently, news broke that a Google contractor who ranks search results for relevance and quality was informing workers to rank as a low-quality site, a type of rating is usually reserved for sites with no actual information other than ads or scams.

It's still remains to be seen if they have an actual hard-on for him though.


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