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An Unintentionally Awesome Christmas Gift.

Christmas... The time of the year we celebrate giving and forgiveness in a metaphorical way to honor the ultimate sacrifice. I've always loved Christmas. More than likely because its the one time of the year that it may not be hot as fuck in Louisiana.

People tend to be in a better mood all around. The new year approaching, tax season on the cusp, good times. This year however I received a gift that was unintentionally more awesome then it was intended to be.


In 2015 I quit smoking cigarettes and switched to vaping. I'm sure y'all know this because I keep washing out the light on our show. Sorry ma peeps, I'll have to figure something out.

Anyway, I was asked a couple days ago if I wanted my Christmas present early from my Girlfriend's father. Sure why not? Dena and I have been dating a few months now and I'm curious what the old man has gotten me. He produces this tube like wrapped package from his closet.

He tells me as I open the package. "I've done a lot of research online and from the reviews, this is the Rolls Royce of vapes". So awesome present! I dig it. I didn't recognize the name and upon further inspection didn't see anywhere liquid would go.


So I'm looking through the packaging for the instructions when this metal herb grinder card falls out. Why is there a grinder card in a nicotine...... This isn't a fucking nicotine vape! this a Grenco Science G-Pen Elite dry herb vaporizer.

I'm chuckling to myself at this point as I turn to him. "This is a vape indeed but this isn't the kind of vape you think it is". "My vape is for liquid with nicotine this is for vaping chronic".

He looks at me extremely surprised as he tells me, "I thought they were all the same".


The great part is I really wanted one of these dry herb vaporizers for a while but wasn't willing to spend the money on one to see if I liked it. The greatest part about all of this is that he truly thought he was buying me a nicotine vape.

The G-Pen Elite really is an awesome little gadget that gets the job done surprisingly well. The weight is pleasant and it seems to be very well built. You'll get roughly 4-5 sessions out of a battery charge and a very nice smooth vape from every hit.

This is possibly the most priceless shit ever and my only regret is that I didn't have this on video to share with y'all. I hope all my fellow Weed and Guns Nation have a great Christmas and a yacht party filled new year.

Pick Up Yours Here

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