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Because America.... Why else would you feel the need to do epic shit like this? Ken Block has been tearing up roads lately with his epic driving ability. Despite the immense skill required to handle a vehicle like this, you know it requires some serious testicular fortitude.

First thing that needs to be addressed is the Hoonicorn V2. I mean holy fuck... If you haven't seen the LA video featuring this beast in version one, click here. This car is literally fucking stupid.


Original image HERE


1400hp at the crank

6.7 liter roush v8

all wheel drive

twin turbo

holy mother of god...


Block may just be a fucking Jedi with the reactionary skill required to tame this mechanical monstrosity. I think it can be universally agreed though he makes this shit look easy.

I love how he just taps the brake and lets it slide, hand floating over... aint no thing.

The car itself is bad ass and requires some love to make it do what he wants. The course however pushes this car REALLY hard.


"The devil's playground".


Pikes Peak is no laughing matter either. If you've ever driven through Colorado or mountains in general then you know the potential falls that lurk at every turn and the dangers of driving in grade.

There is one particular turn in the entry of "The Devil's Playground" that is particularly known for some really bad accidents. In the video you can see where block is only inches from the edge of the turn.

Evolution Dynamics race team driver Jeremy Foley's crash in that same turn is one of note and miraculous survival. You can find that video HERE.


original image HERE


The guy is without a doubt a pretty smooth operator. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on whatever the Hoonigan team is cooking up next. I'm 90% positive they can't squeeze any more motor in this mother fucker or upgrades so for sure some terrain mastery will be the source for the next run.

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