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Throttle Thursday: The Classic Jaguar

Still the king of cool, the late Steve McQueen even drove a Jaguar


The classic jaguar


Jaguar... A car for the sophisticated gentleman or international assassin, take your pick. You're literally a tuxedo away from being mother fucking James LeBron Bond. See episode 2 of the podcast HERE if you didn't catch the joke.

These cars are sleek and sexy and incredibly ornately beautiful. They're English, precise, scream sophistication, and only driven by the enthusiast. These Jags have class to be distinguishable and enough wood grain in the interior to feed a termite colony.


"A brand mystique all its own"


There is no doubt that Jaguar has a brand mystique all its own. Generally these cars are a cult following that fetch a hefty price tag. But hey!? whats the price of being cool as fuck?

Something about these beautiful machines remind me of classic boats or airplanes. Either way, they're a huge fuck yeah in my book. Check these Classics out.


Source: tumblr (@utwo,radracerblog,yourlookbookmen,carpr0n,coolkidsofhistory,stefialte)

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