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Tannerite... God Bless America


whoever says you don't have a need for legal explosives is full of shit...


I remember seeing Tannerite when it first came out. Explosive targets they say!

Tannerite is a mixture of ammonium nitrate and/or ammonium perchlorate and aluminum powder. Together you get an explosive that is set off with the impact of a high velocity bullet.

Of course Tannerite suggest no more than 2 lbs of the explosive be used per application but we Americans laugh at directions and advisories. Fuck that shit who needs instructions?


You can buy this shit anywhere!?


Well maybe you can't buy it anywhere but you can find it at your local sporting goods store or online. I myself have never had the pleasure of blowing shit up with tannerite but i'm starting to feel the need to check it out.

This video in particular isn't the only display of how awesome tannerite is. If not respected, Tannerite can obviously be very dangerous.

Take this poor son of a bitch for example. This is what happens when you don't respect that whole safe distance warning thing. It may be awesome but it isn't a toy.


I mean you don't have to blow your leg off to have a good time or demolish your lawnmower. I think an extra 50 yards would've done this gentleman some good. Most people don't get an amputation though when they indulge in the great American pass time of item destruction.

Here's a nice example of some non amputation fun. If you ever need to move or get rid of that pesky mountainside or dirt mound you can always blow it up. Who needs a back hoe when you have some explosives and an excuse to shoot the rifle?



This next clip here is the icing on the tannerite cake. Although i'm almost positive this is a PETA lawsuit in the making it's fucking hilarious to watch.

Anyone who lives in back country or rural living in America knows about the damage feral hogs cause to property and local wildlife. Landowners often resort to traps or night time hunting to try and thin the populations. This guy is a fuckin genius.

I don't know any other way I can describe this other than its a pig IED, pigsplosion, hogpocalypse, baconator.



Do you guys have any awesome tannerite videos or idiotic ways it's been used? Let me see them in the comments!

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