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Power On The Go


Sometimes when shit gets rough in life I think to myself, "I almost wish this was fucking apocalyptic times...At least I wouldn't have to work". Then I remember how unprepared I am and how fast I would probably get 86'd.

The skill of being able to be self sufficient in any environment is a pretty cool one to have. Obviously there are some things that you would want to have.

- 3 days food

- 3 days water

- knife

- firestarter

- small caliber pistol or rifle (.22LR, 17HMR)

- change of clothes

- water purifier of some sort

- portable fishing kit



If you have the above items then you have the tools necessary to survive in an emergency situation. Now of course is this turbine a necessity? No of course not. However, I don't know about you but I like electronics and the ability to use them.

One of the big problems with our dependency on electronics is if we ever have a situation where there is no power then there goes your shit. Something like this is obviously great for camping or for emergency disaster situations.

Everywhere on the planet has their own natural disaster risks for that location. Being here in Louisiana, we're unfortunately very familiar with losing power during hurricane season. Oh, some douche tried to drive during fuckin gale force winds and hit the power pole and knocked your shit out? Every fucking year dude...Every year.


The Nils Ferber Micro Wind Turbine

Original image HERE


"it seems like this turbine has the potential to be a low cost form of portable renewable energy".


It seems to me the most appealing part of this is that it's very portable. It can be easily stowed in a trunk, closet, backpack. You can literally take it anywhere.

This would've been great for all those days we had 30 mph wind gusts left over after hurricanes.

Like many of these great ideas that look like they could really be kick ass, this product is still in development. For once I'd like to see one of these crowd funded ideas actually come to life. It seems like this turbine has the potential to be a low cost form of portable renewable energy.

Keep rockin on world with all this cool shit! I'm lovin it!

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