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A Twisted Comeback



I'm all about that don't quit/can do attitude. This mother fucker is on a new level though. This dude is literally too legit to quit. Surprisingly after the round one catastrophe our man here seems pretty calm. No big thing you know.... this juiced steroid fucking diesel demon just almost tore my shit in half.

I've said it before and I'll say it many more times that I am a fan of Dodge/Ram and Ford as well. This was pretty cool to watch for me just because I do like both of them. Sorry GM, go fuck yourselves. Nah they're ok... just ok... anyway


round 1: Oh shit there goes the last 5 years of my life...


Yeah that's about an accurate description of round one in this tug of war mud match. I guess it's got to go one way or another. To the Dodge's credit it didn't get pulled.

My door wont open! No shit.... I'm 99.999% positive the frame isn't supposed to do that bending shit either. I think it's safe to assume that the door is pinned closed.


round 1.5: The resurrection


After almost having the truck ripped in half, the owner of the dodge displays some on the spot American ingenuity.

Lets bend this mother fucker back! Man that was difficult to watch.

To be honest I would've been glad at this point that I could drive it home. Nope fuck that... I DONE CAME TOO FAR!! It's time for a re match because my shit broke is still better than yours.


Round 2:

a twisted comeback


So lets recap,

-Truck: FUCKED

-Frame: FUCKED -Thousands Spent on Truck: GONE

-Your Reputation on the Line: Fuck yeah it is.

I'm going to assume this guy is one of us southerners... Hey maybe I'm wrong but probably not. This is a fairly common hobby down here. Mud riding and tug of war matches alike.

In a true amazing spectacle of crazy redneck shit this son of a bitch actually does this shit. I mean could it be fake? fuck if I know but a good watch none the less. Props to Dodge and Cummins Diesel.

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