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Jeff Session's Chronic Crusades


i'm not sure if anyone has told Mr. Sessions it's not 1933.


At 71 years old, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is one of a dying breed of old school narco crusaders left with a job in law enforcement.

on January 4th, 2018 Sessions announced he was rolling back Obama era justice department relaxed stances on legal marijuana. I would like to ask, why? In what way does Mr. Sessions see this as helping himself or President Trump? I believe Jeff needs to understand that Reefer Madness is very far from the truth.

What is it about marijuana that turns Jeff Sessions into a Teutonic chronic crusader? Maybe somewhere in the past he was touched by a plant and in his own way is showing solidarity in his own #metoo movement. Why does he have this indiscriminate need to piss on state's rights?


I don't normally approve of much of anything that anyone in Washington does much less democrats. These guidance lines however, were probably the best thing that came out of the Obama administration.

These guidelines barred prosecutors or guided them away from prosecuting states that were "violating" federal law. Tax revenue in legalized recreational marijuana states that aren't already taxed out of the ass have been fantastic.

Last year I took a trip to the 5280 and talked to some of the natives born there. Denver has seen growth, lots of it. Major population booms and the chronic industry have had some substantial effects from what I saw and people said.


There's a trend here... just saying.


- Regulations for quality control and strict guidelines creates and industry and jobs.

- Unoccupied warehouses become grow houses,creates jobs.

- Supplies needed to fuel an industry creates revenue and jobs.

- Dispensaries flourish creating chains, brands, independent businesses, creates jobs.

- Due to the nature of the business and high volume of cash flow, security is a necessity. Creates jobs.

- Population boom caused by the creation of an industry has tremendously increased property values and rental rates.

- Tax revenue from the marijuana industry has enabled them to invest in schools, expanding highways, improving and expanding public transportation, creating jobs and a budget surplus.

There's a trend here... just saying.


Things aren't what you would think though. The vibe isn't in your face, Denver is a happy place. The streets are very clean and the people are friendly. The police are incredibly helpful and very focused on the pressing matters.

Colorado isn't the only state that has recreational marijuana although it's the only one I've been to. The people seem to support it, the state benefits from it, infrastructure and education receives money from it, it's a win win all around.


Sessions isn't the only chronic warmonger that rails against legalization in the states. Many local and state sheriff's/police associations also lobby to keep the grass illegal.

You get arrested for pot. The jail receives money from Uncle Sam for every day you're there. The courts and police will get their money through probation and jail. The civilian apparatus will get their money through the drug tests, rehab, and miscellaneous programs mandated by probation.

So fuck yeah they want it to be illegal. They know everyone smokes weed and it's easier to harass some poor kid and fuck his or her life in the justice system and civilian sector than to catch actual criminals. You can see my personal story HERE.



Is this going to be an uphill battle? Yes it is. The department of justice has a lot of money to make a lot of people's lives miserable as can be. State lawmakers and representatives in the respective states haven't exactly been cool with this all the sudden push for antiquated "drug policies".

The proof is in the pudding. fortunes have been made, improvements started, lifestyles changed. Marijuana advocacy groups now have the numbers and examples to back up what they have been saying this entire time. The only thing we can do now is wait and hope sessions sees the light or recuse's himself from the chief law enforcement officer position.

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