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Hawaii Missile Fiasco


Does anyone actually believe for one second that some employee "accidentally" told Hawaii they were about to be wiped off the face of the planet by ballistic missiles??!


At some point you have to ask the question... Do these people think we're fucking stupid?

Amidst all the anti Trump sentiment floating around in the shitosphere it only seems logical something like this would have happened. North Korea threatening to nuke everything in the west that moves. Iranians closer to a nuclear bomb. It's a massive fucking shit storm.



So hear me out... In the midst of supposedly calling other countries "shitholes" and facing the backlash for such said actions. All of the sudden this employee for Hawaii's emergency management, TWICE accidentally activated an emergency notification alerting Hawaiians they were about to get nuked?



38 minutes...


That's how long it took Hawaii Emergency Management to fix this royal fuck up. For 38 minutes all of Hawaii's residents and tourists thought they were going to be vaporized by ballistic missiles. Furthermore the officials in charge of this fiasco insult your intelligence by claiming it was an "accident".

For fuck's sake... Have you ever wiped a phone? Reset a computer? Hell, you ever tried to overwrite a save point in a video game? They all ask you at least once, twice, some even three times before you do it.... Are You Sure? Do you see where I'm going here?


So you mean to tell me that one has to double check before you save a game but to alert the public of an impending missile crisis potentially sending the public into abject panic is a click of a fucking button with no ARE YOU SURE? Dude no.

This was some little prick with a political hero complex just like these other jackwagons in the FBI secretly plotting to "save the world". Triggering the alarm to prove some moral superiority point was an incredibly ignorant ploy.

Not only did you scare the wits out of all of Hawaii. You also exposed critical and crucial weaknesses in emergency infrastructure. Way to go jack ass.



For the people of Hawaii, now you know what to expect in case of the real thing. Hopefully if you didn't have a plan in place then you'll make one. I fear if this ever happens again it won't be a false alarm.

Hopefully for our government this will serve as a reminder of how key and crucial honest accountability is in these types of roles. This incident here is also a blatant example why there needs to be fail safes so we don't have people thinking they are going to die for 38 fucking minutes.

The employee was supposedly reassigned and not fired somehow. I speculate this was motivated politically to protest Trump in some idiotic way. We'll never fucking know with any degree of official certainty... What do you think?

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