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AK-47 Tactical Ergonomics


making the perfect ak-47


Automatic Kalashnikov Model 1947, the workhorse of the combat rifle world. Cheap to produce, easy to maintain, reliable in any circumstance.

The ak-47 is known as the weapon of resistance, opposition, and gorilla fighters across the world. Although this rifle was designed in 1947. Multiple products have been designed to bring and keep the AK in the modern world of tactical warfare.

While I'm no ak-47 expert, these are my favorite rifles. I've always had one since I could remember and I've played around with multiple variations. What can you do to make tactical perfection of your kalashnikov?

I like a little color in my builds so lets go with a black and dark earth. Double check for fitment on your rifle.

click the pictures below to view/purchase the actual product.



Magpul MOE STOCK/$56.74


magpul moe Cheek riser/$12.84



lightweight/durable/sling attachment points

Magpul makes a fantastic product. I've always liked their ergonomics based designs and what flows for the art of shooting. Initially all of their designs were for the AR-15 but now us AK lovers have a full line of Magpul furniture.

I believe that less is more when it comes to the AK and rifles in general. There are folding versions of this stock but if it doesn't move it's less likely to break. These are comfortable and very durable. The MOE stock can be fitted with different height cheek risers for the individual shooter.


hogue Pistol grip/$21.56




Of all the pistol grips out there Hogue has the best one in my opinion. Hogue's business is comfortable rubberized grips and this one outperforms like everything they make. The AK has a fair amount of recoil and when it gets down to slinging lead down range, control is everything.





You get what you pay for in the world of optics and mounts. Rifles produce recoil and in the process of battle rifles get slung around, dropped, hit, ETC. All of these things can cause your optic to lose zero making it useless. A good mount will stay firmly in place and a good optic will hold its zero despite physical contact. MWI makes fantastic mounts and rail systems. The quick detach on this model makes it easy for removal during cleaning or in the field.



burris fastfire iii/$207.99



This is a small optic for the large mounting surface the MWI mount provides. The Fastfire III can also be mounted forward on the front rail if you prefer. I prefer the optic mounted center for the AK. you don't need to take it off for cleaning as often reducing the chance of losing zero. This red dot is a fantastic little bargain as it holds zero on a multitude of different caliber weapons. The Fastfire III is on the cheaper side of quality optics. At $207.99 its a deal for what you're getting.




durable/light weight/heat resistant/additional mounting

Remember that less is more? You could go with an aluminum rail system for the front or keep the wood but why? The MOE hand guard is light weight and durable and surprisingly heat resistant. You can also purchase additional rail section to go on it to mount things like a flashlight or rail covers for extra heat and debris protection. These have a really nice feel to them and like all of Magpul's AK furniture it helps to reduce overall weight.



slingmaster quick weapon detach/$25.69


quick and easy

Your rifle should be attached to you VIA a sling. If you're in a pinch and your stuck or your rifle is caught on something you need to be able to get your weapon free without removing your sling. This little device does just that.


2 point sling/$18.97


plenty of mounting options

Here's a basic 2 point sling that'll get the job done. You can mount the sling to your rifle in multiple ways. I prefer just around myself and the quick detach to the rifle in a single point.


When you put all of these together you get a nice light weight ak-47. accuracy is the shooter and your personal preferences.

some additional items you might want to consider.

  • Flash hider

  • trigger

  • magpul pmags

keep kicking ass out there. don't forget to like us/subscribe/comment/and all that good shit.

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