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Gentlemen's Quarterly: An Autopsy


I'm not going to argue whatever it is that he or she is doing in this video, that's irrelevant. What I am arguing here is; A: who is posting this? and B: what the fuck is it doing there?

Gentlemens Quarterly was established in 1931 as a men's lifestyle magazine touching on a multitude of categories that men find interesting. The publication has evolved for almost a century now with men and the things we like. I do find it acceptable that, like any other successful platform, it must adapt to the times.

This shit here though is on a new level of epic stupidity that is almost hard to describe using any language ever conceived by mankind. I can unequivocally say this garbage in no way represents who men are today.


Confused quarterly


Before the LGBTQ2S+ABCD community gets their panties in a tizzy, I really don't care what you guys and gals do. It's none of my business, I support gay marriage and all the legalities that come with it. What I am going to argue though is how does this shit end up on GQ? Furthermore how the fuck does this represent men?

Is this country's media so incredibly out of touch with how things are in everyday America? There is a large portion of this country that just wants to live their lives unmolested from generational rot. Can we just go to work, drink beer, live free, smoke weed, and shoot guns? Shockingly, I think a lot of these disconnected idiots would be surprised that mainstream America is pretty simple.




I can't speak for all men in America today, but I can speak for some of us. This type of garbage doesn't represent men or gentlemen. This doesn't represent men in the traditional sense or even the modern men of today. Again, I can't stress this enough, I'm not against this guy making whatever videos he wants to make. I'm just trying to figure out how anyone at this publication came to the conclusion that this was their guy!?

Hopefully, whoever's in charge of quality control at GQ magazine was on some real drugs when they approved this. If the O.K. was soberly given, I have a feeling they likely surrender their significant others genitals to someone else at the end of the night.... just an outside observation.

"At least their magazine argues you should."

Thankfully we have the great internet, so I don't have to feel alone on this shit. What do you guys think?


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