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No Small Step For Man

I could imagine being a child in 1969 watching Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the Moon. That moment inspired many to accomplish things much larger than themselves.

We as human beings have always been fascinated with the stars and space, and I've often thought the ideas of space travel and humanity as a species could one day unify us in some manner.


"I think people need to see this, to understand what makes it happen".


The Trump administration has set a new goal to bring America back to the Moon. Specifically speaking, he wants us to go there on the way to Mars. I think people need to see this to understand what makes it happen.

Could you imagine to seeing the landing, seeing all the exploration in a live HD feed?!

There are still things we could learn from returning to the Moon and opportunities to establish a base for future exploration.


"The more we are aware of how small we are, the tighter our bond will become".


Maybe everyone isn't as excited to see this happen as I am, but I believe this kind of stuff is essential for the development of humanity.

Space exploration not only inspires new generations to think big, but it puts our existence into perspective and binds us together as a species. The more we are aware of how small we are, the tighter our bond will become.



I'm sure, that returning to the Moon and to take it further exploring Mars, will be no small undertaking. Private companies like Elon Musk's SpaceX have been developing rocket technologies that I'm sure NASA should and would love to incorporate. The Falcon 9 rocket for instance is reusable and able to land itself, saving millions in operational costs.

Being that America hasn't landed a man on the Moon since 1972, I think it goes without saying, some new crafts will have to be designed. Thankfully, privately funded companies have been making leaps and bounds in technology since the golden age of space exploration.


"we've done this before, we can do it again".


6 million tons of starship, enough fuel to fly 477,800 miles to the Moon and back. We write another page in history, as we see in detail, the landing of a module on the surface and we visit our planetary companion once again.

We can experience and learn more from this than ever have before. Perfect 4K HD pictures and video preserved for all future generations to come.

We've done this before, we can do it again. The Millennial generation, I believe, is due for an accomplishment that we can be proud of, young minds working for the sake of a better humanity.

This can be a truly defining moment in American history, a moment that mimics the awe of 1969, when we first saw man face the final frontier.



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