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Death by Apology

It was once explained to me that a crocodile can't make the distinction between the food it eats and the person that feeds it.

To the crocodile, the slab of raw beef might as well be the hand of the person feeding it.

The animal never once considers that without the person feeding it, it would ultimately starve.

Not only does the croc not consider it, it is naturally incapable of understanding this concept.

As is the same with the puritanical mob and their pursuit to destroy everything that disagrees with them.

Now, I've been down a few YouTube rabbit holes in my day.

3 A.M. cold pizza and some coke.

(Coca Cola of course, but on, that might need clarifying.)

Anyway, I'm practically an expert in feeding exotic animals now, and never once have I watched an "animals gone wild compilation" and seen "the trainer" once bitten, offer more of his hand...

So I find myself bewildered by people who offer "more of their hand" in a pathetic attempt to salvage public perception. Especially, when it is obvious to me that apologizing will not appease a cold blooded mob.

Do they seriously think that's going to work?

Do trainers ever think..."if I give my hand to this animal, maybe they'll only eat to the wrist?"

Or If the find consolation that the animal might possibly stop chewing at the elbow?

I find that hard to imagine...

Despite a history of failed attempts proving otherwise, public figures still seem to think that this is a sound strategy in dealing with the insatiable mob.

A mob that is constantly moving the goal posts, to make sure you're always a potential dinner.

In that way, they are smarter than a purely reptilian brain creature.

Because, unlike the crocodile, there is at least as subtle understanding that if they actually solved their "social inequities" they'd be as useless as their subconscious is telling them.

By "subconscious," I also mean parents and job markets.

These mobs don't only want celebrity blood in their teeth, they want a taste of yours too.

Sure tv, movies, comedy, and sports suck now.

No big deal right?

Vegan mob tries to shut down butcher's business.

Making a living for yourself, working and earning money?

They'll try to take that away from you too.

Too bad they don't understand the economy needs producers and employers, but hopefully we can stop these kids and keep them from finding out the hard way.

Is there any wonder why anthropologists and sociologists have now taken interest in sports while the rest of us found other things to scratch our balls too?

Once upon a time, sports was exempt from politics. Escapism wasn't a dirty word, and "silence" wasn't "violence" and "violence" wasn't "the voice of the unheard."

Back then, It was a magical time. A time when you yell at your tv and "toxic masculinity" sounded too gay to say out loud.

Also, beer commercials had twins, so that was nice.

But that ended about the same time Ray Rice knocked his wife out in the elevator and dragged her out by the feet. The rest was a blur, but commercials were played to remind us, who were still scratching our balls, to stop hitting women.

Thanks tv, I nearly forgot I can't go full Ike Turner on a broad.

Next was something about pink cleats, Black Panther Beyonce Half-Time Shows, That shitty QB with the majestic fro knelt for something or other, Gillette ads told me to be a better a (wo)man, and Drew Brees said something bad, and now wore a rapists' name on his helmet (to make it better?).

And all that happened while we were scratching out balls. Amazing.

Mr. Brees, Majestic fro man approves your rapist choice.

Nowadays, a normal conversation is like being in one of those bank robber movie scenes where you twist and contort between invisible lasers, that may or not be there.

You dodged the first three lasers by posting a black square on instagram, another by pretending to like all the gay characters on Netflix, but then you said something imperfect. Maybe you didn't recognize Merriam Webster Dictionary changed the definition of "sexual preference" over night.

"Oops, you committed a big offense there, buddy! Are you implying being gay is a choice?"

*The alarm sounds*

"Are you apolitical? Well, you're not allowed to be! Actually, being apolitical, your silence says a lot ."

"You should have noticed that a bad woman used the term "sexual preference" in the thing you didn't care about, and hence that changing the definition was necessary."

Why bring this shit up?

why even discuss it?


What Weed & Guns Stands For.

  • We refuse to accept the amoral mob rule.

  • We refuse to accept their regressive ideology.

  • We do not embrace a social law that seeks deny free speech, and subvert how speech is heard.

  • We do not play by the rules of those who continue change the rules.

  • We do not listen to cowards who offer criticism and refuse to offer solutions.

  • We will not base our morals on the perspectives of those who adopt moral relativism.

  • We will not yield our pursuit of the singular truth to those who only offer numerous and equally inconsequential interpretations of that truth.

  • We will not change our behavior for those who only stand (or kneel) to be accepted.


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