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Deliver Us From Ignorance

I sometimes wonder, when I see all this crazy shit going on everywhere, what we're going to do in the future. It seems like you cant peacefully scroll through your Facebook feed or turn on the idiot box without being surrounded by perpetual stupidity.

Another blog of someones opinion bashing the already most bashed generation? No, of course not.

The other day, I saw this screenshot of what appears to be a counselor losing her shit about how these kids "Cannot control their right wing beliefs".



At first I took this for its comical value but at a second glance however, this strangely gave me hope. These kids, who are they? How did they so easily kill this woman's ambition? The answer can be found in Generation Z. I believe they could be the balance to the entitlement of Millennials and the rampant SJW mentality.

There seems to be a strategy at play. Hear me out, use symbolism to set them off. As soon as they've taken the bait they just troll with the opposite level of absurdity.

You want to be stupid? We can do stupid better than you!

That's a can do attitude I can get behind right there.




Aside from being the largest population group in the U.S. they also tend to be more fiscally conservative and in the middle on the political spectrum. Did I mention these kids are really tech savvy and self sufficient? They essentially grew up with a computer in their palm.

So what does all this shit have to do with them being the possible balance in the future? Well, they've grown up with the world at their fingertips and they tend to shun the traditional avenues of information. They know what they're looking at and where it came from. They don't need to pay someone to tell them how to think. They see the world at a young age for what it is, not what it's told to be.

For instance, take this kid in the video below. His teacher is so incredibly biased, she'd support dog rape if it was a democrat idea, but this kid persists. It's alright if you're wrong. The world isn't going to end. Just learn from it instead of debating the established definition of a word... I'll let the video speak for itself instead of trying to describe the metaphorical ass whooping this woman got.


I truly think that these young kids grew up surrounded by stupidity and in some way they've silently vowed to not go that route. So in one way you could make the argument that later on they may prove to be some decent and rational human beings.

In the shorter term Gen Z is doing one thing that most young kids do well... Troll. These kids are fucking brutal with the memes. Not only can they meme, but they have a capacity for understanding complex concepts, and for absorbing a lot of info in a short amount of time. They've been able to take this information and reverse engineer the obscene stupidity on display from the SJW culture and shoot it back at them.


Not all millennials are idiots despite the title some have unintentionally bestowed upon us. Some of us will eventually calm down and become rational but most will keep themselves. I think, in the end, roughly 45% of millennials have potential to be sorted rational human beings. This number may be generous...I hope not.

Gen Z being the more tech driven and information seeking group, I think will be more driven towards freedom. Childhoods developed in wartime, terrorist attacks, shootings, hacking, cyber warfare, AI development, personal tech. All of these things hopefully combine to create an aware rational person who just gets it. I'll go ahead and say 54% of Generation Z have potential to be sorted ration human beings.


"my guess is... 40% fucked"


Now of course, this is all my speculative hypothesis on "how potentially fucked we are." My guess is... 40% fucked. Maybe plus or minus 2%, and that's not bad! I mean we're all going to be screwed in some kind of way, we're at least 48% fucked as is.

For now though, we'll all just have to sit back and enjoy the shit show and plan a yacht party. Well at least, that's what I'm going to do. As long these kids seek truth for themselves, I'm pretty confident they'll be able to balance out whatever ignorance remains in the future realm with common sense.


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