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Greatest Beer Run Ever

Bars, where egos grow by the glass and the fish by each tale's retelling. The smokey haze of the pub is much like its machismo aura, everyone feels it in the air, but you don't really smell the shit until you leave.

It just sticks to you, and douses your favorite shirt.

On the walk home, You smell the menthol Marlboro smoke, and each time, notice another inconsistency.

Like "does he even have a boat?..

I thought his deadbeat son stole it...

Or was it his wife that got it in the divorce "

And it hits you...

 "Great whites aren't fucking fresh water!"

 So Naturally, you fine tune your bullshit detector, and readily call "fake news" when you hear it. But this bar tale, "The Greatest Beer Run Ever" is the real deal.

Despite all its absurdity and barroom roots, it's actually legit.

Unlike that fucking shark.


Running Blue Ribbon Through Vietnam


Seen in Picture: John "Chick" Donohue 


In the heat of the Vietnam War, John "Chick" Donohue was sitting in his local New York pub, enjoying a pint, when the bartender, Georgie Lynch, began ranting about The "commies" and "lefties" protesting the Vietnam War. 

At the time, most of the town's young men were either in Vietnam or on their way there.

George had the bright Idea, that Chick, being a seaman, could catch a ship ride out and bring them all a beer. 

Chick passively agreed, never expecting it to be taken any farther. 

But the next day, when he entered the bar, he saw one his enlisted friend's mothers and George, the bartender, waiting for him.

The mother gave him all the local boys' addresses and he shipped off on his epic journey through war torn Vietnam.

The rest is history and the entire account can be read in his book, The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A Story of True Friendship Stronger Than War.

See The Legend and His Friends Reunite to tell the Epic tale Below



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