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Ever since I could remember I have always loved America. I mean its my home... It's been a rocky relationship from time to time but I have always loved my country. From the cities to the country sides and towering mountains and low swamps, there's a lot to like. The most beautiful thing about this place isn't a place though, its an idea.

Liberty and freedom for all.

This seems like a pretty simple concept and in reality it is. The real challenge I see America facing is holding on to these ideals. Weed and Guns wasn't just made to be a repository for dank memes and cool shit. Weed and Guns is a collective effort to fight for the unique culture of freedom and the expression of it.

Liberty and Freedom isn't an American concept, its a human concept. No man or woman should ever have to live under oppression or fear or tyranny for their beliefs. Whether we're talking about western cancel culture or these communist bastards in the CCP. Oppression and suppression cannot be allowed to continue if we are to remain anywhere near the resemblance of a free society.


cancer cancel culture


Cancel culture in itself is cancer to a free society. These "Woke" hipsters are not just destroying America but the world in essence. Cancel culture follows in the footsteps of actual dictatorships and communist regimes. silencing of the free flow of ideas is the start of many symptoms to a dying people.

I think it was well defined by the founders why you need to have the liberty to think and do you as you please and the freedom to express it. We should all be highly offended as freedom loving people at the idea of any law limiting speech in any way. Laws cannot be made to limit speech because the interpretation of intent is subject to the individual and the time period. The ability to label any dissenting opinions as "hate speech" has numerous pitfalls.

You would think if you listened to these people that America is a country filled with Nazi's and swastika's on every lawn and, roving gangs of red MAGA hats with no masks all shouting racial epithets from raised 4X4's. The reality is this just isn't true. This cancerous culture just finds some egregious offense in every single aspect of life that's just unforgivable.

This idea that you can be doxxed or your property can be destroyed, your life ruined, career lost, physically harmed, How are we not enraged as Americans when this shit happens? Identity politics has us so divided that it almost feels statistically impossible for us all to be on the same page.


are you offended or uncomfortable?


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that if you can't tell the difference you're more than likely part of the problem. Fake outrage propagated by fake news for the purpose of applying tactical political pressure is just one size fits all play book.

There's no way we can survive as a country if we can just socially destroy people with other views. We also don't need to force our views on our neighbors either. forcing social compliance because of "feelings" isn't a winning proposition. Feelings often change with time and circumstance.

Weaponized cancel culture is so fucking obvious. This weaponized culture is being used to target the institutions that protect freedom and liberty in this country and it is downright sickening. Foreigners in Hong Kong understand freedom and liberty better than the idiotic entitled morons in America. people are so quick to upend freedoms and liberties for some temporary safety... it's almost like there's a famous quote about that by a guy who understood freedom and liberty better than any of us here today.


identity politics


If cancel culture is the cancer, identity politics is a lack of a doctor. I remember when I was young being so shocked when I found out that people live here and hate this place. It's not so surprising now but it was back then. We have been put against each other on every front. Color, religion, orientation, etc. We don't even hire the right people for the job now. Instead it's who checks the most diversity boxes.

I truly believe identity politics has been weaponized. This idea that we all have to fall into some type of tribalism is just absurd. There's absolutely no reason as Americans or as people we should fight each other. The one thing that really helped America since the beginning was our ability to rally behind common goals and conquer objectives. We are less divided than we think we are.

We are made to hate each other by people and special interests that only seek to profit off of this strife. This country's founding principles regardless of history see no color, see no religion, and see no creed. As Americans we are as equal as allow each other to be. We are one nation under God and indivisible.

The American dream is for everyone. Equal opportunity is not equal outcome. We as Americans and freedom loving people should denounce identity politics as a whole. This means of separating us is not only counter productive but its only purpose is to cause conflict. There was a time in which we all had one vision of our future but a different means to get there. This life we live now is not that vision. This is a war of who can get to the limits of power first and change the future. The separating of unity of the people is a vehicle to that power.


what does this all mean?


I guess what I'm trying to say here as a concerned freedom and liberty loving patriot is that we are being manipulated. Cancel Culture is the cancer that leads to the death of freedom and liberty. You are made to respond and feel a certain way when directed with certain stimuli. Identity politics is the tribalism that we have been forced into. We are corralled for votes when they need us and shut out when they don't. You are made to feel offended but are you really?

Our founders were incredibly smart men. They knew more of freedom and liberties and their respective cost than any one of us. They were subject to the flaws of men and views of the time but their construction of our most valuable societal roadmaps were not. The American constitution was the only of its time that focused on what the government CAN'T do rather than CAN. Its purpose was made to limit the size and scope of authority in our lives.

America's role has always been that beacon of freedom. We enjoy our rights here and the quality of life they provide. We need the ability to speak our minds and however popular/unpopular that message should be. We need the ability to come together for a greater cause. We need to all realize that the freedom and liberty we have is ALWAYS under assault and we are the final defense.

We are passed the point of willful ignorance. Bad and evil ideas and practices should be called out for the destructive nature they represent. Power will always seek to control as long as we let them.


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