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Racial Draft Review

The Lead up to the 2020 Racial Draft is getting interesting.

Last year there were rumors circulating of Team White consolidating with asians, and some latinos who are complacent in white supremacy.

When Team Black offered to take Trannies, Latinx, and the drama club kids in exchange for unanimous corporate sponsorship and the entire School Shooter Team,Team White thought it was a clerical error.

But they seized the opportunity without hesitation.

It was a true dynasty move, that only a colonizing champion could pull off.

Despite playing in a league of their own, even Team Hebrew was impressed by the predatory deal.

Little did White know, that Black was planning a half time flee flicker in the midst of a global pandemic.

With that and schools being closed, Team School Shooter really found their legs playing on Black's Social Justice Unit.

BLM's playbook really gave them a structure and drive, that neither anime or their mom's basement provide.

Now, if they'd only find meaningful employment, so we could collect our league fees...


Let's review the prospects of this year's Columbine Combine, and see how they performed last year.

Starting off with this years special teams MVP, Dylan Robinson.

Standout Player

Terry, who coached a few school shooters in baseball and is currently fucking some of their moms, provided comment...

"You know... I know it's wrong. But it feels kind of good to see my step boys remember how to swing a bat.

I mean, I'm not even their real dad and I really taught 'em sumtin...

They're still stupid pussies though.

And some based Proud Boy usually knocks them out anyway.

But I taught them that, you know?..

It just feels kinda special.

Anyway, none of my other boys really compared to Dylan.

The way he abused small animals....

He was just... different...

That's all I can say. He's just another breed, bro.

The way he torched that police station!...


That boy can makes a fire the way his mom sucks dick.

Both started from a tinder I guess," Terry smiled proudly, presumably under the influence of marijuana and Mountain Dew.

Tensions in Black Camp

The rest of the School Shooter Draft didn't come through as Team Black expected.

While there were a few standouts in the Columbine Combine, many fell flatter than white girl asses.

In fact, their noticeable under performance caused some social tensions within Team Black's camp.

It's A Drag?

In David's case, Team Black was faced with the impossibility of discerning black eyes from black eye shadow.

So Team Black forfeited the opportunity to invite him to the team cookout.

Leroy, The Grill master and "Uncle of All Dese Chill-ren, Here" said, "say bruh... I know these m'fuggin' white boy's crazy... That's why we drafted dey asses, but ain't no mothafuckin' Rupaul lookin' bitch touchin' my cracklin'."

Leroy continued to lament, "Sheeit...why would I let Buffalo Bill eat my collard greens, when I won't let my broke ass nephew get a nibble?

Nahmean?!... And that boy's blood.

So why the fuck would I mess wit ol' "David The Diddler's" lookin' ass?

Nah... I'm good, son.

Now, if you'd excuse me...

I got some gotdamn baby backs too eat!

No Cap!"

all that glitters is gay

Naytan, another tragic fallout of the trade, was originally welcomed by the sistas.

He reportedly "Got jokes!" and his dance moves "Was Poppin'"...

But it didn't take long for Naytan to wear out his welcome.

He was promptly told to take his "deadass dick suckin' lips outta here," when his gay card couldn't certify the way he called Kenisha a "biatttch"

White Girl Wildcard

Despite the glaring trade deficit of the 2019 racial draft, some speculate whether the occasional hoodbunny trade will raise Team Black's spirit, or distract brothas into a blow job and pot infused fog.

Only time will tell..

The 14th annual racial draft will be held on January 21st. See you there!

This Racial Draft Report was brought to you by Target.


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