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Surviving CCP Virus (Covid-19)

Surviving Covid 19
Surviving Covid 19

So I Had the CCP Virus (Covid-19) Crazy to think a virus from Wuhan, China made its way into my body in New Orleans. But dammit, It happened.

Now before I begin, My condolences for the many lives lost due to this horrible plague unleashed from China. This virus fucking sucks. It’s real. It’s not a hoax. It’s killed over a million people worldwide and over 300,000 in the United States. Nobody is immune from it. Well, apparently North Korea is, as they have yet to confirm a positive case of COVID. Oh, and ironically China is immune now. Even without a vaccine...Funny how that works. We should totally take their words for it. Anyway, I’m a very anti-social, introvert type person, plain and simple. I really don’t like people. So during the pandemic I hadn’t gone out anyway, but I made a special exception this go around. No, I’m not going to publicly say it here, but it was something I had never done before. So, fuck it. It was an honor to participate, and of course, the one time I do go out since this bullshit pandemic broke out, I get it. That’s just my life I guess.

Day -4: Incubation

Day -4 to Day -1

I had no symptoms at all, I was totally fine!

So yes, the asymptotic shit is real. It’s pretty wild how you can go about your life and... Oh shit, you have this evil CCP Virus lurking in you!

Day Zero: Thanksgiving

Thankfully, I didn’t interact with my family because they know how I feel about these things. But in this case, it worked out for the best. God forbid, I unknowingly get my family sick. That ain’t it.

I had a headache all day. I figured, "Ah shit, guess it’s just usual lack of sleep, whatever..." Then my throat felt weird. A small tickle, nothing much. I still had my smell and taste, so I’m like, "Eh...Whatever, I’ll stay alert anyway."

Then I fell asleep thinking, "I’ll be better in the morning... That didn't quite happen."

Day 0: Symptoms

I woke up feeling like shit.

I had a 100.4-degree fever, my body ached, and my throat wasn’t feeling any better.I thought to myself, "Well, This isn’t good..." I googled where I could get tests. Nothing was available for regular testing because it was Black Friday. I got a smoothie hoping some vitamin C fruits would at least make me feel better, which it did.

Alright, now I had to find where I can get a test. I was basically shit out of luck. I could’ve waited for the 3-5 day test, but I needed a rapid test. So shit... Off to the ER. Literally the last place I wanted to go. Thankfully for me, the ER was not busy that afternoon, but man was it creepy.

I learned then that those head temperature readings aren’t accurate for shit.

I mean, it’s an ER in New Orleans. God knows what you will see with the type of patients there, especially with the constant crime in this city. I try to avoid people to begin with, but I observed a young adult guy freaking out, still in trauma from his car wreck. He was venting to a male nurse. He was fine, hopefully his head was okay. I had my temperature taken right when I walked into the ER, it read 97 degrees. After a 20-minute wait, my name was called and a nurse took my temperature. Still had the 100.4-degree fever.

I walked into the ER, it read 97 degrees.

This nurse was a cool lady, looked about my age. Quite an accent for a white lady though, if you know what I mean. Told her my symptoms, confirmed my temperature, and was sent into an isolation testing room. Waited about 25 minutes, when a nurse randomly came in to verify my info.

"what religion are you?..."

One question that stood out to me that I hadn’t ever been asked was "what religion are you?" That was really weird. So off she went, as I kept waiting in isolation for the test. A good 45 minutes went by until another nurse came came. She was tall, I wondered if she was a former athlete. Anyway, I told her my symptoms and she swabbed me the fuck up.

She did it like it was nothing. Shoved it deep up both my nasal passages. Yeah, it felt shitty... But that’s how it is, I guess. She said it'd be an hour wait for my results. So more isolation and thinking for me.

I’m thinking, " I really have this fucking virus? I hope to God I don’t." I was texting my parents during this. Thankfully they’re fine, even though they had contact with me. The hour passed, and the nurse came back. She asked if I had my Tylenol yet for my fever. “No” ,I said. She said she’d get some for me, then she calmly went. “So, you did test positive...”

"Well shit, now I’m a damn statistic..."

“Well shit, now I’m a damn statistic," I thought to myself. She goes about telling me I’m not being given a prescription. Just wait ten days, take my fluids and keep hydrated. I don’t even have to be re-tested. Obviously, I'm grateful to be young, and to only have had mild symptoms, but damn. Way to just go with the narratives of young people getting the virus, and not being at risk of serious outcomes.

I was surprised there was no prescription. Honestly, I just put all my faith on my immune system, which I don’t fully trust. I popped the Tylenol, drank the water, and threw the cup away. I thought to myself, "If this virus is so awful, how come nobody had extra protection? Just the masks? And I’m just tossing my cup into a regular trash can? Are they going to disinfect the room?" Questions...I guess I was just really curious, but whatever.

"If this virus is so awful, how come nobody had extra protection? Just the masks? And I’m just tossing my cup into a regular trash can? Are they going to disinfect the room?"

I got home, told my family and immediate friends for comfort. Then, I hit the bed watching whatever was on tv. The Simpsons is always great. I’m always down to laugh at the old episodes. I put on some Vick’s Vapor Rub, as any Latino who knows, it's powerful stuff. Latinos know how important it is to put that on if you're sick. That wrapped up my first official day Covid-positive.

Day 1

I normally have a weird sleep pattern. I woke up at about 6 am after waking up earlier in the night. Bed and fluids. I would say I was neither worse nor better. Thankfully breathing fine. Some hacks every now and then, gross and watching my temperature fluctuate, but never going over 100. In my room isolated, many things going through my head... "I really just want to get this crap over with" ,I thought. I barely ate, my appetite had pretty much went away, but I loved the Wendy’s baked potato I had. Still had my taste and smell, which was wild to me considering that’s a very common symptom. Fit was actually the first time I ate in two days. The day mostly consisted of being in bed, and just watching tv, taking Tylenol, and drinking fluids.

Day 2

Nothing much different from the previous day. Just spending my weekend in bed, watching tv. Thankfully feeling better. Temperature fluctuated, but nothing major.

Day 3

Woke up to a call from the department of health. I missed it, but returned it. She was a nice sounding lady, but honestly... it felt little communist.

It was contact tracing, "Where were you? How?" Now I’m thinking what else they’ll go after me for. The thing with this is, you have no clue when the moment happened. You don't actually know when you got the virus. I truthfully had no clue.

dAY 4

I mean, it's really just a stuffy nose that comes and goes with a little throat tickle.

Day 5

My temperature was totally normal, but my nose was still stuffy. Then, my taste and smell went away. Which is weird considering it’s the first and main symptom.

Day 6

I was feeling totally normal again. My taste was coming back and my nose was clearing up.

Day 7

My 10-day quarantine was up, and I was feeling totally fine. No signs at all.

I had beaten the CCP virus.

Closing Thoughts

Thankfully for me, my case was legit mild. I only speak for myself because everyone’s experience is different. To me, it felt like a cold on steroids. Yes, there’s that 99% survival for younger people, but had I contracted the virus when it first started back in March, I would have freaked out. I would have thought it was a death sentence. But when I found out I tested positive, I really just was like, “okay, that sucks but whatever...” My immune system isn’t the best, and honestly, I don’t even truly take care of myself. But I wasn’t freaking out. What frustrated me was that I actually did wear a mask, but I touched my nose. That was the thing. I’m already anti-mask enoug, and that re-enforced how I personally feel about the whole mask mandate bullshit. I wore a mask and still got the virus. Literally none of my views have changed.

In no way do I feel the country should be shut down. In no way do I feel people’s livelihoods and businesses be decimated over this virus. And no, I do not think a vaccine should be mandatory, the virus with a 99% survival rate. This whole thing is fucking weird. You have the risk factor for the elderly and those who have had previous underlying conditions. And the you have pretty much everyone else who is normal and gets it.

I feel that we will all get this virus eventually. You could’ve already had the virus and not had a clue. I wasn’t going to get a test until I knew I had a fever, and quite frankly, I would’ve liked another test to in case I received a false positive. But that doesn’t happen all the time for regular folks like myself. Just the part of being a statistic that these Democrat politicians and media crave now for their control of everything was what pissed me off more. To wrap up this experience, as I write this, I feel better than before I was sick and quite frankly. Fuck the “new normal” and the “Great reset.” Fuck the CCP. And Fuck politicians who are using this pandemic for power and decimating people’s livelihoods and small businesses and mental health. Thanks for reading, and stay safe.


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