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Tactical Tuesday: AK Mods

The AK-47 and the printing press are, without a doubt, among the most important inventions in history.

But, as monumental as the printing press may be, the printing press never looked 


Here are 10 AK Mods

accentuating the archetypal AK.


1) Saddam Hussein's AK


Gold Plated Ak-47 seized from Saddam Hussein's Estate

"Gift to Mr. President Saddam Hussein, President of the Republic of Iraq"


2) ​Taking Arms with A Leg


3)Collapsable Stock w/ Cheek riser


4) Floral Painted Anti-Seed Shooter 


 Ukrainian AK art design


5) Slick and Serious


7) Mad Max Mod


A gun that says "go ugly early"


7)One for looks, some for work


When all your friends are bad influences


8)Woodgrain Everything



9) Tactical AK


Making "going loud" visual.


10) Ornate and Engraved



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