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The Great Meme Wars

I once worked with a Christian man in his 50's who instantly struck me as role model kind of guy. Alpha personality, prior military, family man. A year before, his wife had made him a Facebook account and loaded it with a few of their friends. Well... It didn't take long for Facebook's algorithms to start matching up his interests to different groups.

My friend discovered the meme, and more importantly, the meme war. The propaganda power it wields especially in times of discourse is truly astonishing. Almost as astonishing, was his categorically alphabetized meme vault stored on an external hard drive. This was fuckin possession with intent to distribute amount of memes. It was at this point, I was made aware of the great meme wars being fought by the "mom's basement as fuck" keyboard operators and normal America.


"The Great Triggerings... forever preserved by screenshots".


The great meme war brought about by the 2016 American presidential election was an epic battle that resulted in many comrades lost.

Of course no war is complete without mercenaries, the trolls. Those who fight only for their own satisfaction. Happily knowing, that someone, somewhere, on the other side is twisting their keyboard in frustration like a Super Nintendo controller. The great triggerings... forever preserved by screenshots.

Social media venues like Facebook that were used for foodie pictures and cat videos all the sudden became cyber war zones. Metaphorical whizzing bullets and explosions from artillery surrounded the senses as the triggering began.


No friend or family was spared from the carnage that had arisen from the great meme war. Thousands of people across the world suffered knee down leg amputations from sitting on the toilet too long looking at dank memes.

I don't think anyone could've possibly seen what the war did to those who thought they were the best of friends. Lifelong companions turned to nemesis upon hearing their choice for leader of the free world. These passions brewed and escalated until the climactic moment where someone fired off an anti socialism meme that obliterated their foe.

His last words as he lay mortally wounded from dank memes.

"feel... the... Bern...."

Another beta cuck has fallen.


"Meme culture has also brought about exuberant amounts of disinformation despite the hours of entertainment".


I believe this to be a culture piece because an actual culture was created in a sense, the meme culture. There are memes to fit every aspect of our lives it seems like; statement memes, comical memes, fighting memes, etc. To some extent the meme wars have changed the way that many argue points. Instead of using debate we simply brush off our more simple minded foes with a nice meme that politely tells them to go fuck themselves.

Meme culture has also brought about exuberant amounts of disinformation despite the hours of entertainment. Its quite known the left can't meme, but that doesn't stop Occupy Democrats from supplying droves of beta cucks with socialist utopia propaganda memes. At some point even Bernie Sanders had to cringe at the material being put out in the name of socialism's advancement.


Eventually, actual researched information and firsthand knowledge just became useless. Droves of useful idiots blindly shared memes with no comprehension of data or analytical fact. "I saw it on the internet, it must be true". In one way or another we've heard some fucktard imply this like nobody in the history of man has ever lied.

As a veteran of the meme war, I constantly found myself in a state of shock having to explain simple concepts like sources of information. There were times where I felt as if I was fighting Cold War era Soviet propaganda.

Like some wars of the past, the meme war never actually stopped. The situation that resulted from the aftermath is almost like that of Korea. There are still skirmishes here and there, meme weapons test and drills that trigger young activist snowflakes. At the end of the day however, like North Korea, they are still starving, still brainwashed, and still retreat back to their fantasy land safe space.




In all of my years, I never thought I could see such a simple concept as a picture with words be weaponized into such a brutal and effective weapon.

Like many nuclear weapons most memes sit in their respective cyber silo. These weapons of mass intelligence destruction are all but waiting to be dropped into the world at a moments notice. Between the black market meme trade like "drop your best memes here" and SJW Facebook groups, Its likely we'll never see nuclear meme proliferation anytime soon.

Decades from this point as we are all decaying into the recessed crevices of time, we may look at this span to reflect... Our grandchildren will ask the age old question, "what was it like back then?".

Staring intensely into the horizon wiping back a tear... Sit down children and let me tell you about the great meme wars of 2015 and 2016.


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