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Throttle Thursday: Cafe Racers

Welcome to the inaugural Throttle Thursday, where we pay respects to dope shit, specifically in the vehicle and motorsport category.

This week we spotlight cafe racers.




The silhouette of a cafe racer

captures the essence of simplicity. 

It’s a sort of magic that can’t be explained away in cold graphs or figures, but rather felt intuitively. 

Unlike its superbike counterparts, Its charm is warm and timeless, and even trying to compare the two seems stupid. 

One is fast, smooth and engineered by soulless lab coats.  

The other? 

Well, its like turkey on Thanksgiving. 

Sure, you could eat the latest gastronomic dish the Dutch have to offer, forged with fermented cheese and liquid nitrogen.

But that doesn’t even sound appitizing, does it?

You’d much rather stuff your fat face with Thanksgiving turkey, and nod out with your pants unbuttoned.

And that is what makes cafe racers special. 


"Its charm is warm and timeless"


It’s a comfort that can’t be explained, even trying to explain it seems futile and ill-advised.

Because like many things, the truth, may just rob you of it’s essence.

I mean, could it be the curves, possibly the color?


Or maybe it’s the minimalistic motifs that recall a simpler time, the stylistic allusions to early 60’s design. 

That might be part of it, or that may be none of it.

Because with so many different interpretations of the cafe racer, whether it be vintage or retro-future, scrambler or Mad Max, there still maintains some intangible common denominator.

something that will always remain the same. 

Something that is “Magic.”


 Source: Tumblr (@caferacerdesign)


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